Digital Signature Data Visualization Tool

Organization NameServicesStatus
RJSCInternal Office Application, Incorporating QR code, RJSC Web ApplicationIN USE
NBRTIN CertificateIN USE
Directorate General of FoodDocument SigningIN USE
CCA officeDocument SigningIN USE
BCCVPN Service of National Data CenterIN USE
RobiPurchase and Corporate affairs, Supply Chain Department, Contract Management SystemIN USE
Agrani BankRemittance SolutionIN USE
Pubali BankAudit serviceIN USE
Brac BankPurchase and Corporate affairs, Supply Chain Department, Procurement System, Contract Management SystemIN USE
BUETDocument SigningIN USE
Central Depository Bangladesh LimitedSSLIN USE
Bangladesh Krishi BankSSLIN USE
Bangladesh policeOnline Police Clearance CertificatePILOTING
Finance DivisionIBAS++ SystemPOC
CPTUe-GP (Contract signing)POC
Office of the Chief Electric InspectorElectrical Contractor, Supervisor and technician License issue and renewal process and Final approval of Power Sub-stationPOC
Bangladesh Data Center Company LimitedCorporate affairsPOC
Organization Name Services Status